We provide website designing and hosting plans. Students study consultancy and guide, free of cost. Please contact us for a query.        


          Gone were the days where we need no exposition or advertisement! The business arena were within your vicinity. But today, you can sell your products in wide arena, across the World. Example - YOU CAN VISIT THIS SITE in different language by clicking on select language...

         INFOSOFTEC now at the core, would like to bring new dimensions of business and jobs for jobless youngsters. One can survive proudly better than those who survive under someone's umbrella. Different sections under the firm inlcudes:

    # Software development including website design and hosting.

    # Customized and local tailor-made software.


School websites are CMS based, data up-dation is done by site owner, free site maintenance training)

All site comes with a free webmail account like xyz@yourschoolname.xxx


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